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Park View City is a housing society situated in the central area of Zone IV of Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. It is surrounded by the stunning and lavish scenery of Margalla Hills. The housing society is privately commissioned, and it is one of the few residential societies in the region to have received a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Park View City Islamabad is located on the outskirts of Islamabad’s botanical gardens and has multiple access points that make it easily accessible. This attribute has made it a popular destination among locals and foreigners alike. The development of this housing society is being carried out by the Vision Group, which has a vast portfolio of real estate projects in other major cities of Pakistan, such as Karachi and Lahore. The group has also developed several other notable projects, including Park View Signature Apartments Karachi, Park View Lahore DHA, and Park View Villas Lahore. The senior politician and philanthropist Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan lead the group.

The prime location, rapid development, and high-quality infrastructure have made Park View City Islamabad a golden jewel in Islamabad, attracting both local and overseas investors. The primary investment attraction in this housing society is its quality development and the serene natural landscape that gives it the title of a heaven on earth. The Vision Group has left no stone unturned in ensuring that Park View City Islamabad is developed to the highest standards possible, making it an ideal investment opportunity for anyone looking for a luxurious and peaceful lifestyle.PVC-01

Park View City Islamabad is a highly desirable housing society that has been designed by the Vision Group, known for its modern architecture and state-of-the-art technology. Led by Park View City Owner Mr. Aleem Khan, the Vision Group is a technologically advanced company that is delivering a new level of innovation to this project. As Park View City is their debut project in Islamabad, the company is focused on delivering cutting-edge technology to ensure that this project stands out as one of the most vibrant and dynamic home developments in the area.

Founded in 2012, the Vision Group has already completed numerous groundbreaking real estate projects, establishing itself as one of the most trusted and reliable development companies in the region. The company’s goal is to provide magnificent living through diverse construction and urban landscape initiatives in cosmopolitan locations. They strive to create living spaces that combine attractive aesthetics and modern practicality, offering residents the ultimate in convenient and luxurious living.

The Vision Group has completed several successful projects, including architectural marvels, in Pakistan’s major cities, and Park View City Islamabad is yet another example of their commitment to excellence. The society has become one of Islamabad’s most desirable places to live, attracting investors and homeowners alike. The company’s dedication to quality, innovation, and technological advancement has helped them to dominate the Pakistani real estate market in less than a decade.

Park View City Islamabad is a fully authorized and legitimate housing society that has received approval from the Capital Development Authority (CDA). As a government-owned department responsible for Islamabad’s municipal and town services, the CDA plays a vital role in ensuring the legality of housing societies in the area. One of Park View City’s most compelling features is its breathtaking scenery, offering residents stunning views of the natural surroundings.

Park View City is committed to providing its residents with international standard recreational, commercial, infrastructure, and residential facilities. It promises to exceed residents’ expectations by delivering services that meet their needs and preferences. To ensure the society’s legitimacy, Park View City has obtained an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the CDA, which is a mandatory requirement for all housing projects. In addition to an authorized NOC, Park View City also has CDA-certified documentation, providing further assurance of the society’s legal status.PVC-NOC-1-1024x575

Location is considered the most crucial factor when it comes to investing in real estate, as it can significantly affect the value and returns of the property. Seasoned real estate investors prioritize location when searching for profitable investments. PVC Islamabad is a prime location for real estate investment due to its ideal positioning in the heart of Islamabad, Pakistan.


PVC Islamabad is situated in a highly coveted location, adjacent to Bahria Enclave and Park Enclave, and within easy reach of Bani Gala, Chak Shahzad, Kashmir Highway, and Islamabad Highway. The society enjoys the premium proximity to three major roads and boasts a serene backdrop of Islamabad Zoo and Botanical Gardens, located in the middle of Margallas. The northern side of the society is directly connected to the beautiful landscape of the Islamabad Zoo and Botanical Gardens, providing a picturesque view for residents.

Access to the society is also convenient, with Kurri Road connecting to Malot Road, which leads to Islamabad’s park road and makes it a short 15-minute drive to Islamabad Blue Area. The Simli Dam Road also connects to Malot Road, offering easy access to BharaKahu and beyond. PVC Islamabad’s map provides a detailed development plan of all residential plots, commercial demarcations, and civic amenities locations within the society. One of the significant advantages of PVC’s location is that all access roads to the society are at least 100 feet wide, providing ample space for traffic and transportation. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) of Islamabad plans to upgrade Kurri Road, Malot Road, and Simli Dam Road to 200-feet boulevards as part of Islamabad’s 2020 Master Plan. This means that all access roads to PVC Islamabad will be upgraded to at least 200 feet, further enhancing convenience for residents. The main boulevard artery of PVC is already 200 feet wide, providing a luxurious and spacious first impression for visitors.PVC-Location

Park View City (PVC) Islamabad is a vast housing society, covering an area of over 1200 Kanals. The society has obtained a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Capital Development Authority (CDA), confirming that most of the land required for PVC has been acquired, and infrastructure development will be carried out within this area. However, due to the high demand for property in the area, there is a possibility of future expansion to accommodate the needs of potential residents.

PVC Islamabad is subdivided into several residential and commercial sectors, with the residential sub-sectors being referred to as blocks. Each block of PVC features a range of plot sizes, providing prospective buyers with a variety of options to choose from based on their preferences and budget. The distribution of plot sizes in each block is carefully planned to ensure that every buyer can find a plot size that suits their needs.

PVC Islamabad covers a substantial area of land, and the NOC from the CDA ensures that the society’s infrastructure will be developed within this area. The society’s division into blocks, with each block featuring different plot sizes, allows for a diverse range of options for potential buyers. With the possibility of future expansion, PVC Islamabad is an attractive investment opportunity for those looking to buy property in the area.

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal
  • 5 Marla Residential Plots are available in A, B, F, J, and K Blocks
  • 8 Marla Residential Plots are available in J Block
  • 10 Marla Residential Plots are available in A, B, F, H, and I Blocks
  • 1 Kanal Residential Plots are available in B, C, E, F, N, and M Blocks
  • 2 Kanal Residential Plots are available in D and P Blocks   PVC-Master-Plan

The esteemed society’s management is striving to accelerate the development process in order to deliver the project to its investors ahead of schedule. The development work on Blocks A and B is nearly finished, and work on the surrounding areas is underway. Additionally, the management plans to establish a water treatment plant in Block A to ensure that residents have access to clean water. The plant will filter and recycle the water, and then supply it to all parts of Block A.

The main entrance of the society has already been completed, including a grand gate and a road leading into the community. The land in the society is naturally fertile and has an abundance of greenery, so leveling and plotting the land require little modification. With the completion of the entrance gate, the society is now in much better shape. The construction of the main 200-foot wide road, which is 2 kilometers long, has begun, and it is expected to be completed in a few months. The construction of this road was authorized by the CDA and will provide direct access from Kurri Road.

Park View City is a perfect blend of modern technology and natural beauty, providing a mystical atmosphere to its residents. The roads in the society are top-notch and well-constructed, with different patterns such as turning, twisting, and linear, which reflect the luxurious lifestyle offered to its residents. The educational institutes, hospitals, and commercial hubs within the society are a marvel of specialized engineering, making them stand out from other societies in the region.

One of the significant advantages of Park View City is that it is a CDA-approved society, which makes it a highly desirable residential area for the citizens of Pakistan. People often target CDA-covered sectors when searching for a place to live, and Park View City is already on their list due to its approval.

The society is also a gated city, providing a safe and private living environment for its residents. The boundary wall surrounding the project is extensive, covering the entire area, including the side adjacent to the forest, which is not the case with neighboring societies. This added security ensures that the residents feel safe and secure while living in Park View City.

The Overseas Block of Park View City is ideal for Pakistani expatriates who are accustomed to a comfortable lifestyle that prioritizes modernity, tranquility, and a pollution-free environment. The block is designed to offer residents the same level of living standards they would enjoy abroad.


Park View City will feature a Botanical Garden that sets it apart from neighboring societies, providing a competitive edge. Not only does the Botanical Garden enhance the project’s beauty, but it also offers a place of tranquility, giving residents an opportunity to reconnect with nature in a modern setting.

One of the advantages of living in Park View City is the uninterrupted provision of utilities. Residents will not experience the inconvenience of load shedding of electricity, water, or gas. With water accessible at just 50 feet below ground level and the Gumrah River running through the area, the society has an adequate supply of water. Furthermore, each house is equipped with an underground water storage tank to hold the rainwater that falls in the city, ensuring a continuous supply of water.

PVC Islamabad’s prime location, surrounded by major roads and scenic beauty, makes it a highly desirable location for real estate investment in Islamabad, Pakistan. The wide access roads and CDA’s plans to upgrade them to 200-feet boulevards further add to the convenience and accessibility of the society.

Park View City Islamabad is a fully legal and authorized housing society that has been approved by the CDA. Its stunning natural surroundings and commitment to providing top-notch facilities make it an attractive choice for potential residents. The society’s NOC and CDA-certified documentation serve as evidence of its legitimacy, providing residents with peace of mind and assurance of a secure investment in their future.


Islamabad Capital Territory, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

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